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Laboratory Testing

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With today's rapid developments in product technology and an increasing trend toward product and design liability litigation, it is not just desirable, but absolutely imperative, that system designs and components be thoroughly tested under controlled duplications of field conditions.

MATL conducts laboratory testing for static air infiltration, static and dynamic water penetration, structural integrity, thermal performance, interstory differential movement and seismic racking. The professionals at MATL have the facilities, equipment, knowledge and experience to replicate actual building conditions. In a world of increasing uncertainty for designers, fabricators, erectors and building owners, MATL can provide reassurance that a curtain wall or window system is safe and will perform as designed.

The primary chambers are designed and built for the specific mock-up size and configuration. Typically the support beams are W8 x 31 I-beams. Floor lines are kicked back at 4' on center with 3" x 3" angle for support and to provide attachment of 4' deep decking. The decking provides excellent access to the interior side of the wall for both erection and observation purposes.